Amazing Places in Maharashtra that you must visit once in your life
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      Maharashtra, a state with many amazing places which are famous all over the world. Places that travelers should visit at least once in their life. From the lake of Lonar to the ancient caves of Ajanta, we will learn about the amazing places in Maharashtra.

      Maharashtra state has made a lot of efforts for the development of tourism. Forts, Cities, Caves, Hills & Valleys, and other historical sites attract many tourists. Places that will leave you amazed. Places that will fill your mind. Here are the best amazing places in Maharashtra.

Top 10 Amazing Places in Maharashtra – 

1) Lonar Lake

                                 Lonar Lake, also known as Lonar crater, is the saltwater lake in the Buldhana district. Approximately 52,000 years ago, Lonar Lake was formed by an asteroid collision with earth. Lonar lake has a diameter of about 4000ft & depth is about 450 ft. The water of Lonar lake is alkaline. Lonar Lake has been declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary for the conservation of Lonar Lake. There are temples here about 1250 years ago. Lonar Lake is one of the most amazing places in Maharashtra.

Nearest City –    Buldhana around 90 Km,  Aurangabad around 150 Km, Pune around 380 Km.

Best Time to Visit Lonar Lake –      Sept – March

Amazing Places in Maharashtra
Lonar Lake

2) Sandhan Valley –

                                              One of the most amazing places in Maharashtra Sandhan valley is 200-400 feet deep and stretches for about 4 km. Sandhan Valley is a majestic place for trekkers and hikers. Sandhan Valley is an exquisite narrow canyon which attracts the attention of many trekkers.

     Many tourists come to visit Sandhan Valley in winter and summer. Sandhan Valley is surrounded by mighty forts  Alang, Madan, and Kulang to the west of the Bhandardara region. Sandhan valley is the second-largest valley in Asia.

Nearest City –    Pune around 200 Km, Mumbai around 180 Km,  Nashik around 90 Km, Ahmednagar around 180 Km

Best Time to Visit Sandhan Valley –    Sept – May

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places in maharashtra
Sandhan Valley

3) Ajanta Caves –

                                            Ajanta Caves, there are 29 Buddhist caves built between 200 BCE to 400 ACE. The Ajanta Caves, which preserves the heritage of Buddhism, are famous all over the world. Ajanta Caves is one of the 12 major tourist destinations in India. The unique discovery of painting and sculpture can be seen in these caves. It is the most amazing place in Maharashtra.

Nearest City-     Aurangabad around 110 Km, Pune around 330 Km, Mumbai around 420Km, Buldhana around 60 Km

Best time to Visit Ajanta Caves –           June- March

Amazing Places in Maharashtra
Ajanta Caves

4) Harihar Fort –

                                           Harihar fort in Sahyadri Range is famous for its uniqueness. The steps, which are about 200 feet straight and steep, look like a ladder built on a high place. It is one of the most thrilling forts in the world. Stairs carved in stone are the prime attraction of this fort. Because of the uniqueness of this fort, it attracts the attention of trekkers. 

Nearest City –     Nashik around 45Km, Pune around 250Km, Mumbai around 180Km

Best Time to Visit Harihar Fort –            Oct-May

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Amazing Places in Maharashtra
Harihar Fort

5) Kalsubai Peak – 

                                       Kalsubai is the highest peak in Maharashtra, which is situated at western ghats. Its height is 1646 meters above sea level. There is a small temple of Goddess Kalsubai on the peak. It is about 900 meters above the foothills of Bari village.

Nearest City –   Nashik around 60Km, Pune around 180Km, Mumbai around 150Km

Best Time to Visit Kalsubai Peak –      June – March

Check out more information about Kalsubai Peak-Everest of Maharashtra

Amazing Places in Maharashtra

6) Kaas Pathar –

                                        The Kaas plateau is a hotspot for biodiversity. The plateau is famous for its variety of flowers and butterflies that bloom from August to October. The Kaas plateau is home to 280 species of flowers. There are 850 species of plant vines, shrubs, and other species. There are also many rare species. About 59 species of reptiles are found on the Kaas plateau.

Nearest City –     Satara around 50Km, Pune around 140Km, Karad around 75Km

Best Time to Visit Kaas Plateau-                August – Oct

Amazing Places in Maharashtra
Kaas Plateu

7) Amboli –

                          Amboli is known for its dense forests, mountains, and unparalleled natural beauty. It is known as the Cherrapunji of the state of Maharashtra and also an Amazing place in Maharashtra. Heavy rainfall, waterfalls, dense forests, and a wide variety of biodiversity are found in Amboli. Many tourists come to Amboli Ghat every year to see the waterfall. Because of the variety of biodiversity, many wildlife lovers visit this place. Also, many places near Amboli attract tourists. Amboli Ghat is one of the most beautiful ghats in India.

Nearest City –   Kolhapur around 110 Km, Sawantwadi around 40 Km, Belgaum around 70 Km

Best Time to Visit Amboli –                  June – Oct

For more information about Amboli Ghat 

Amboli Ghat best destination for Tourist and Wildlife Enthusiast
Amboli Ghat

8) Malshej Ghat –

                                   If you want to experience the torrential rain falling on the high cliffs and the white rushing waterfalls, the crowd of thick clouds moving slowly on the green carpet, the road leading to the middle tunnel by taking a detour; you have to go to Malshej Ghat. As Malshej is the main ghat road, there is a lot of traffic in this ghat.

Nearest City –   Pune around 120 Km, Mumbai around 130 Km

Best Time to Visit Malshej Ghat –          June –  Oct

Malshej Ghat
Malshej Ghat

9) Tadoba –

                     The Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Project is a tiger project in Maharashtra. It is home to tigers. The major attraction in Tadoba National Park is the jungle safari. Tadoba National Park is the largest Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra. 

Nearest City –     Chandrapur around 35Km, Nagpur around 140Km, Vardha around 120Km

Best time to Visit Tadoba –       Feb – May


10) Aare-Ware Beach – 

                                                          One of the most captivating beaches. Visitors fall in love with the beautiful, moonlit beaches of Aarey-Ware. the sea looks very calm. When the sky is clear, the sea is blue. This beach on Ganpatipule-Ratnagiri road has become a tourist attraction. The specialty of this beach is the peace here. Aarey-Ware beach is a splendid choice for a family tour.

Nearest City –  Ratnagiri around 25Km, Ganpatipule around 20Km

Best Time to Visit Aare-Ware Beach  –     Sept – May

Aare Ware Beach
Aare-Ware Beach


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