Amboli Ghat Best Destination for Tourist and Wildlife Enthusiast
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      Heavy rains, sparkling waterfalls, dense forests, and a wide variety of biodiversity are found at Amboli Ghat. Many tourists visit Amboli Ghat every year to see the waterfall. Amboli is one of the Amazing Destinations in Maharashtra. It is known as the Cherrapunji of Maharashtra. Also, many places near Amboli attract tourists. Amboli Ghat is one of the most beautiful ghats in India. Amboli Hill Station is at the top of the ghat.

Amboli Ghat


Features of Amboli Ghat – 

        The key features of Amboli Ghat are torrential rains, waterfalls, captivating nature, dense forests, and the biodiversity found here. The primary attraction here is the Amboli Waterfalls.

   This main waterfall is located in Amboli Ghat on the Kolhapur-Goa highway. Different species of reptiles, distinct types of fungi, amphibians, state butterflies of Maharashtra can be seen in this area. Nangartas is a famous waterfall near Amboli. The source of the river Hiranyakeshi is famous as a tourist destination.

Amboli Ghat
Kavleshet point
amboli ghat

Places to Visit In Amboli –

Amboli Ghat Waterfalls – 

         Located in the Amboli Ghat, Amboli Falls is a major tourist attraction. As the rains begin, the crowds in Amboli begin to grow. Thousands of tourists visit these Falls every year. These waterfalls are 4 km from the main bus stand. It is very crowded to see this waterfall on Sunday, so avoid visiting this waterfall on Sunday. They charge a fee of Rs 10 for approaching the waterfall. The best time to visit this waterfall is from June to late September.

Amboli Ghat
Amboli Waterfalls

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Hiranyakeshi Temple – 

      This place is at a distance of 5km from the main bus stand of Amboli. The river is named as Hiranyakeshi as it originates from the Hiranyakeshi temple. There is a cave next to the temple.

Hiranyakeshi temple
Kavleshet Point –

         Kavleshet Point is at a distance of 10 km from the main bus stand of Amboli. The scenic views are breathtaking. There are some small waterfalls and reverse waterfalls. Filled with thick fog, this place attracts the attention of tourists.

Amboli Ghat
Kavleshet point
Nangartas Falls – 

      Nangartas Falls is at a distance of 10 km from the main bus stand of Amboli. This waterfall is 40 feet high. This waterfall looks exquisite in the rainy season.

Amboli Ghat
Nangartas Falls
Mahadevgad – 

      Mahadevgad is at a distance of 2.5 km from the main bus stand of Amboli. This place is a great option for short treks.

Sunset Point –

        Sunset Point is located in Amboli Ghat, 1 km from the main bus stand. The eye-catching sunset can be seen here.

amboli waterfalls

Best Time to visit Amboli ghat –

    June to September is the best time to visit Amboli ghat.

 In the rainy season, you can see waterfalls, fog, and beautiful scenery. Also, this place is mainly famous for heavy rains. So June to September is the best time to visit this place.

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Biodiversity of Amboli ghat –

        Amboli is rich in biodiversity. A wide variety of wildlife is usually found here. It is home to 35 species of mammals, 200 species of birds, 150 species of butterflies, and 60 species of reptiles and amphibians. Amboli Ghat is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. It has many places for wildlife enthusiasts to explore biodiversity. At Chowkul Road, Van udyan, you can see many reptiles, frogs, and much more.

        Green vine snake, Malabar pit viper, Malabar gliding frogs, geckos, Malabar pied hornbills, giant squirrel are some wild species that can be seen here.

snakes of amboli ghat
Ornate Flying Snake
malabar  gliding frog

•Where is Amboli Ghat Located –

    Amboli Ghat is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Amboli Ghat is on Kolhapur – Sawantwadi State highway 121 & Belgaum-Sawantwadi highway. 

• Nearest Cities – Sawantwadi around 40 Km, Kolhapur around 110 Km, Belgaum around 70 Km.

How to Reach Amboli Ghat  – 

By Train –         Nearest Railway Station-  Sawantwadi Road 40 Km, Kolhapur 110 Km, Belgaum 70 Km, Miraj 150Km

By Bus –       There are general buses both from Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation and Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation.

By Air –  The nearest airport to reach Amboli would be the Dabolim Airport, Goa at 60 km & Sambre Airport, Belgaum at 70 Km.

 • By Road –  Amboli is on the SH 121 that connects Kolhapur and Sawantwadi & Belgaum and Sawantwadi.

images of amboli ghat
Amboli Ghat


Food & Accommodation

     Because of the large number of hotels, all kinds of food are available here. As there is a Vitthal Kamath restaurant here, it is a suitable option for those who eat branded food. The price of food in Amboli is higher than in other places.

     •There is one alcohol store near the main bus stand which maintains an excellent stock

      There are many small and medium type hotels in Amboli. The daily charges of hotels here range from Rs 800 to Rs 5,000. Advance booking of hotels is convenient on weekends in June and July.

•Hotel Shiv Malhaar – Near Amboli Check post

Email –

•Whistling Woods – MTDC Approved

Website – Phone – 02363 – 240505, 240229

•Green Valley Resort – MTDC Approved, Near Amboli Check post

Website – Phone – 02363 – 240236, 240239

•Hotel Sailee – Near Amboli Bus stand

Phone – 02363 – 240202, 240217 Email –

Tips before you visit Amboli Ghat

1) Carry a quality raincoat and umbrella during the monsoon.

2) Carry protection for photographic and electronic equipments.

3) Avoid feeding monkeys at waterfalls.

4) Carry a first-aid kit, flashlight/torch, spare batteries.

5) Avoid exploring forests alone. Strictly follow the rules of the forest department.

6) Avoid handling any wild animals. Best seen from afar.

7) Last but not least, Wear gumboots during the monsoon. Carry salt or tobacco to get rid of leeches.



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