Devkund Waterfall - Pond of Gods | Trekking and Camping
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     Waterfalls have always been the centre of attraction for those who like to set out for short picnics. In monsoons, all the waterfall points are crowded with the tourists. As the beauty of waterfalls is enhanced during the monsoons, people favour visiting these places in monsoons. When it comes to waterfalls, we cannot ignore the soothing sites and amazing views of Devkund waterfall.

      Though there isn’t much history associated with the falls, locals here believe that once upon a time utensils used to emerge from the Kund (pond) whenever there was any auspicious ceremony happening in the local village.


Why You Should Visit Devkund Waterfall

    First, it acts as a great stress buster so if you are a family man (or a single one) you may arrange a small trip over this place which will help you to spend more good time with your loved ones. Along with that, along with Devkund waterfall, it also serves as a great hiking option!

Devkund Trek – 

       Trekking is closed from July to Sept as the rain during these months is very high, and in such conditions, it is very dangerous to hike.
    It takes nearly 3 hours from the base village to reach Devkund waterfall where throughout the route the river runs parallel to the route sometimes crisscrossing it making the route adventurous and dangerous at some extent. 

         Hence guide is mostly preferred over here. To know where to start, look out for the Tatan Power Plant or the Bhira Dam. Take a left from the power plant and then head into the village where you’ll come across a food stall.

      You could have a few snacks, get proper directions and then make the climb up. The local guide may charge you up to 100₹/person.

       As you start the trek for the first 30 minutes you walk along the Bhira Dam reservoir. Here you may stay overnight if you prefer outdoor experiences.

        After a long walk, there is a slight slope which takes you to the bank of the reservoir from where the forests actually start. In the forest, you have to cross 2 dried upstream.

      After that, you start to climb. Here on the route, you may encounter small tea stalls, food stalls and other kinds of small shops that sell edible products. As you progress, you will end up with the waterfall in front within a few minutes. 

Devkund waterfall trek

What to do at Devkund Waterfall

     Once you reach the fall, you may take the view of Tamhini ghat. And can do rafting at the Kundalika river too. If you are a lover of watersports, then surely then this place is for you. 


   Here you may bath under the waterfall as this water is considered as the pure water. And certainly, it has some kind of positive energy that folks you with joy and pleasure. But now, as it has become a famous spot, the water may have been polluted by the tourists.

Devkund Waterfall

Best Time to Visit Devkund Waterfall

        July to August i.e. monsoon is most preferable as the temperature is low and nature is at its full burst. You may encounter nature’s most amazing views and alchemy too!

    Just take a few precautions as the roads may be slippery so assure that you wear nice gripped footwears along with other kinds of stuff. 

Where is Devkund Waterfall Located? –

         Devkund waterfall is located near Bhira village of Raigad district of Maharashtra State.

Nearest Cities –  Pune 110Km,   Mumbai 170Km,   Lonavala 50Km.

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How to reach Devkund Waterfall – 

By Airways-

    The nearest airport is Pune airport, and for international ones, you may opt for Mumbai Airport.

By Railways-

    The nearest railway junctions are

Mangaon railway station on Konkan Railway, 30 km away

Lonavala railway station on Central Railway, 82 km away

By Roadways-

   If you want to reach this place via roadways, then you have to first reach Karjat then to Pali and from there to Bhira village. It takes the following distances you choose to go by roadways.

how to reach devkund waterfall

Food & Accommodation –

       Lunch/ Dinner is available at the base village Bhira. Along with that in the midway, as said before, few food stalls are available.

A camping site near Devkund-

     The homestays and mid-sized resorts with basic facilities and good options of foods are available at 10 km away from waterfalls. Along with that, if you prefer to have an outdoor experience, then there are a lot of camping sites options available for you. 

camping at devkund waterfall

Points to note –

     The locals have started the registration desks at the start of the trail where you have to register yourself and if you need a guide, then you may hire from over here. You may park your vehicles over here. 

          Swimming is not allowed over here as it is dangerous and if you visit this place, then it is good that you stick together as a group till the trip gets ended as the places are confusing and there are high chances that you may be lost it the forest.

devkund waterfall


        After a couple of accidents for a span of 3 months in 2017 in monsoons, the waterfall was kept closed and then in a succeeding year, the district authorities imposed section 144 with the help of police administration which says no more than 4 people at a time are allowed over this area. 


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Things To Carry On Devkund Waterfalls Trek-

          Things that you need at the journey, then surely you should carry the following things-

  1. First and foremost wear good quality trekking shoes or sports shoes.
  2. Carry mosquito repellents.
  3. Carry at least 2 litres of water per person.
  4. Shoes should be of a good grip and waterproof.
  5. Carry a jacket, raincoat and umbrella if you are going to the monsoon.
  6. Carry protection for photographic and electronic equipment during the monsoon.
  7. Avoid wearing jewellery and also taking any valuables.
  8. Last but not least, have a medical kit with you

Nearby Places to Visit-

  1. Tamhini Ghat
  2. Panshet
  3. Lavasa
  4. Raigad Fort
  5. Murud-Janjira Fort
  6. Amby Valley
  7. Lonavala


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