Kalsubai Peak - Everest of Maharashtra | Kalsubai Trek | Images | 2021
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      Kalsubai itself means a peak! Kalsubai Shikhar is the highest mountain top of Maharashtra, India having the elevation of 1646 metres. It comes within the Kalsubai Harishchandraghat Sanctuary. This sanctuary is visited by many trekkers who are nature lovers and wildlife lovers.

    Along with that, as there is a small temple of Devi located over here. Many devotees show up over here to pray over here every year. On 69th Independence Day of India, Indian Navy unfurled the National flag, the largest flag of 60 ft length and 40 ft breadth. at the peak.


       It is one of the top summits where there is a plain plateau. On which, a small temple of the local deity is located. Every Tuesday and Thursday the pooja is done by the local priest. Along with special days, each year around, that is auspicious in Hindu culture.

      In Navaratri, for all nine days, the temple is well decorated and the special kinds of pooja are done for each day of this occasion. Local people have their stalls over here where they sell pooja material over here.

    This temple has been the ‘Roji Roti’ of many people who live over here. On the new moon day, one can easily spot the milky way from the top of this range.

    This range is the offshoot of Sahyadri mountain. And also it lies on the Deccan Plateau with its base with an elevation of 587 metres from above mean sea level. The mountain along with the adjoining hills forms an enormous catchment area for Arthur’s lake, which it overlooks. 

kalsubai peak

Kalsubai Trek

       Kalsubai is the best option if you are planning for a one day trek and is also is a good destination as a devotional place too! It has a tint of nature moreover lush greenery over the place and beautiful waterfalls at places. 


best places in maharashtra


     Moreover, the trek routes too are well designated, so it becomes easier to trekkers to be in that zone, the zone of full enthusiasm and also in the well-spread nature too.

     The Indore route is more unexplored as it is a rocky one, and there is no kind I’d support to trek through this route. Only iron chains at dangerous patches have been fixed. 

trek sahyadi

Kalsubai Trek Route –         

   The best trekking route is the one east facing trekking route. That starts from the base village of Bari. The tributary of Pravara river, the Waki flows through the Bari village as a small stream.

    Over here, at few distances, is the Hanuman Mandir that serves as a resting place. For who is at the final lap of the trek. Or the start point to trek the mountain. The villagers help the trekkers too in their trek, and directly or indirectly the tourism of this place is creating employment for these people.

trek to kalsubai

  The city people to feel the essence of villages do come every year over here. And these people take care of each visitor over here. In this village, you will get the places to halt for a night and also to eat too if you want to!

    The Hanuman Mandir poses a great landmark, and the route behind this mandir takes you straight to the summit. The trekking route consists of several combinations of both easy and tough routes. with high to low slopes and rocky outcrops that make the trek a bit difficult. 

    But you will surely enjoy it. The government has built the iron ladders from duty to footfall in recent years. 

 kalsubai peak

temple of kalsubai

Where is Kalsubai Peak Located –

       Kalsubai Peak is located at the border between Igatpuri taluka of Nashik district and Akola taluka of Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, India. 

Nearest Cities –    Nashik 60 Km,  Pune 180 Km,  Mumbai 160 Km

Best Time to Visit Kalsubai Peak

         Monsoons are the best to visit because you may experience natural beauty too. But if you are visiting in the winters, then take warm clothes too! Summers may be difficult for a few people.

monsoon sahyadri

How to Reach Kalsubai Peak

By Airways–       Frequent flights are available up till the nearest metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, but from there onwards, you have to take taxis or private vehicles as per your choice and pocket.

By Roadways–   The best option is to take your own vehicle because changing frequent buses or taxis may be hectic for a few ones. But if you love nature and are a hardcore traveller, then this is one of the best options for you. By Mumbai, you have to take travel route as per the following- Mumbai-Kasara-Igatpuri-Ghoti-Bari Village.
Or from Pune you may take the following route – Pune- Sangamner- Rajur- Bhandardara- Bari.

By Railways–     Kasara Rail station is the nearest railway station that has to be reached. From there onwards you have to take local taxis to reach the Bari village. From there, one can opt for local travel services.

how to reach kalsubai

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Food & Accommodation –

          At the only base, you may get food. Mostly local food is served over here. Typical Maharashtrian food is served. Packed snacks and beverages are also available.

Many trekkers come here for camping. Campfires, pleasant atmosphere, everything a trekker need is here.

kalsubai camping

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Nearby Places to Visit –

Bhandardara Dam –

       This is located at Pravara river. It is also known as the Wilson dam. For trekkers and campers, this place is marvellous. In Arthur lake, you may also do boating.

bhandardhara dam

Arthur lake –

        The lake has crystal clear water. And is surrounded by green forest. You may halt over here and enjoy nature. Umbrella falls are formed over here as the water from here drains downstream.

auther lake

Sandhan Valley –

       One of the difficult valley to cross over gives you the very fine experience of freaking adventure. This valley surely will be the most adventurous valley you would have ever visited. Nature and the location both are amazing.

     See more about Sandhan Valley

sandhan valley


Randha falls, Umbrella falls, Ratangad, Alang Madan Kulany Forts are few more exciting places you may visit after visiting kalsubai.

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kalavantin durg

Some Useful Tips before You Visit Kalsubai – 

1) First and foremost wear good quality trekking shoes or sports shoes.

2) Carry flashlight/torch.

3) Carry protection for photographic and electronic equipment during the monsoon.

4) A pair of sunglasses, a raincoat and a cap is a must.

5) Carry at least 2 litres of water per person.

6) Carry a quality raincoat and umbrella during the monsoon.

7)  Do not litter on the trek’s route.

8) Carry your identity proof 

9) Last but not least have a medical kit with you

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