Sandhan Valley-Explore Asia's Second largest Valley
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    One of the most amazing places in Maharashtra Sandhan valley is 200-400 feet deep and stretches for about 4 km. Sandhan Valley is a majestic place for trekkers and hikers. Sandhan Valley is an exquisite narrow canyon which attracts the attention of many trekkers.  

Height – 3000 Feet                                        Length – 4 Km

Difficulty –  Moderate                                   Depth – 200-400 Ft

Dist –  Ahmednagar

valley of shadows

      The sandhan valley, formed by an ancient, geographical change, is a natural wonder. Most of the tourists visit Sandhan valley every year. Winter and summer are the best time to visit this place. It is impossible to visit the sandhan valley during the monsoons as the water falls down from the valley during the monsoons. Therefore, summer and winter are the best time to visit this valley.

     It is surrounded by mighty forts Alang, Madan, and Kulang to the west of the Bhandardara region. Sandhan valley is the second-largest valley in Asia. It is also known as the Valley of Shadows. Trekkers/tourists visit this place with various thrilling experiences. The experience of rappelling, water crossing, and walking through this valley is a thorn in the side. This type of valley is not found anywhere else in Maharashtra. Trekkers are also attracted to this valley as it is the largest valley in Asia.

sandhan valley

      The play of sunlight & shadows in this valley is captivating. Therefore, this valley is also called the valley of shadows.
  There are two bridges in the valley, the first is 3-4 feet in the water and the second is 5-6 feet in the water. Water levels can be high even in winter. To reach this place, one has to go to Samrad village on the banks of the Bhandardara dam. There are many ways to reach this place. These places can be reached by various routes from Mumbai, Pune, Nashik.

sandhan valley

Sandhan Valley Trek – 

       There is no direct bus to Samrad village. So we have to go to Kasara village first. From Kasara, you have to come to Samrad village by public transport or rickshaw. Trekking starts from Samrad village. It takes 2 km to reach the valley from Samrad village. This footpath is a bit vague so you need to get help from the locals. In the beginning, there is a 3-4 feet bridge. The bridge is submerged during both rainy and winter seasons. Next is the Tarzan Swing Point, where a rope or ladder is used. The next one finds a rock patch.

      There are also puddles of water in some places. It is important to take drinking water with you when going to the valley. The distance of the trek of this valley is about 6+6 km, so it is beneficial to take water and snacks with you. It takes 2 days to visit the valley. It is not possible to enjoy the valley in 1 day. Narrow valleys and rock patches, puddles of water, and rappelling are all a thrilling experience for trekkers. That is why trekkers from all over the world visit this valley every year.

     The experience of walking through the high cliffs, narrow valleys, and this valley is breathtaking. The part of Virat Konkankada at the end of the valley is unforgettable.

sandhan valley trek
trek to valley of shadows

Best time to visit Sandhan Valley – 

      October – May month is the best time to visit sandhan valley. Rain Water in the valley is less during this month so trekking is not much of a problem. It is not possible to go to the valley due to high rainfall from June to September. The water level in the valley rises during this month. Also, the chances of falling rocks in the rainy season are high, so avoid visiting this place in the rainy season.

best time to visit sandhan

Where is Sandhan Valley Located – 

      Sandhan valley is located in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra State, India. This Valley is located near the Bhandardara dam. there is no direct route available to reach sandhan valley. So you have to go to Samrad village first.

Nearest Cities – Nashik 90 Km, Pune 190 Km, Mumbai 180 Km, Ahmednagar 180 Km.

sandhan dari

How to Reach Sandhan Valley –

By Bus – There is no direct bus to Samrad village. So we have to go to Kasara village first. From Kasara, you have to come to Samrad village by public transport or rickshaw.
By Railway – The nearest Railway station from sandhan valley is the Kasara railway station. There are many options to get from Kasara to Samrad village.
By Road – Trekking starts from Samrad village. If you want to come here in your own vehicle, you have to come to Samrad village first. parking is available here.
By Air – Nearest airport Gandhinagar Airport, Nashik

how to reach sandhan valley

Food and accommodation – 

     There are many dining facilities available in this place. From the beginning of the trek (from Samrad village), there is a lot of food and water in the route of the trek. Local food is available at this place. Local food like bhakri, dal, bhaji, bhat, upma, pohe, maggi, misal, etc. are available here.

     This place also has accommodation facilities. Homestays are available to stay in Samrad village. There is also a camping facility at George’s camping sight. Homestay or camping are two options for children who do not have a hotel or lodge nearby. Bhandardara has a hotel and MTDC accommodation. Homestay charges in Samrad village range from Rs.500-800. Tents are also rented here.

stay at valley

Things to Carry – 

1) First and foremost at least 2 liters of water per person.
2) Good Quality Sports shoes or Trekking Shoes.
3) Protection for photographic and electronic types of equipment.
4) your identity proof
5) a quality raincoat and umbrella during the monsoon.
6) Flashlight/torch.
7) Last but not least have a medical kit with you.

places in maharashtra

Some useful tips before you visit Sandhan valley –

1) Avoid carrying too much weight with you such as heavy backpacks.
2) Make sure you were full of clothes, which are comfortable for you.
3) Have a jacket/sweater for the evening.
4) Do not litter in the trek’s route.
5) Avoid wearing jewelry and also taking any valuables.
6) Good Quality or proper shoes or Footwear is essential for trek.
7) Carry an extra pair of socks.

maharashtra places

Nearby Places to Visit –

1) Ratangad Fort – Ratangad is an ancient fort in the Ahmednagar district. This fort is famous for trekking. Ratangad fort was considered one of the important forts in the Swarajya. This fort is at a distance of 12 km from Samrad village.


2) Bhandardara – This is located on the Pravara River. It is also known as the Wilson dam. For trekkers and campers, this place is marvelous. In Arthur lake, you may also do boating.

bhandardara dam

3) Alang-Madan-Kulang – Alang, Madan, and Kulang are 3 different forts. These forts are considered very difficult for trekkers. Trekking on these forts is the dream of every trekker.

alang madan

4) Kalsubai – Kalsubai itself means a peak! Kalsubai Shikhar is the highest mountain top of Maharashtra, India having an elevation of 1646 meters. It comes within the Kalsubai Harishchandraghat Sanctuary. This sanctuary is visited by many trekkers who are nature lovers and wildlife lovers.

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5) Harishchandragad – Harishchandragad is a paradise for trekkers. Just as the beauty of this fort is extraordinary, so is its history. Harishchandragad is a trendy place for trekking. A variety of animals, birds, and plants can be seen on this fort. It is the most favorite place for trekkers.

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