Vajrai Waterfall - Highest Waterfall in India | Images | Trek | 2021
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    Vajrai falls is located in the womb of Sahyadri is the tallest waterfall in India. The height of this waterfall is 1840 feet (560 meters).  The waterfall, which falls in three stages, has recently become known to the world. The waterfall is located on the river Urmodi, falls straight down from the vertical rock.

    This waterfall is located near the Kaas plateau in the Satara district of Maharashtra state. There are many high waterfalls in the Sahyadri mountain range. But Vajrai waterfall has become famous as the highest waterfall in recent times. This place is one of the many scenic spots located in the Western Ghats.

vajrai waterfall

    This place has been visited by a large number of tourists in the last few years. The footpath passing through the lush green forest, clear air, and panoramic scenery in the rainy season attract the tourists.

highest waterfall in india

Vajrai Waterfall Trek

     Kas village is about 30km from Satara. Bhambavali village can be reached after walking 15-20 minutes from Kas village. This village is very beautiful. Even though there is no parking facility in the village, there is enough space to park the vehicle. This avoids the inconvenience of tourists bringing their own vehicles.

    Meals and water are available in some houses in the village. From this village, the footpath leads to the waterfall. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate. On the way to the waterfall, you can see many small and big waterfalls.

biggest waterfall in india

    Dark bushes, small flowing springs, waterfalls look very captivating. As it is a forest, many wild animals are found in this place. Various species of butterflies, reptiles, frogs, and various species of trees are found here.

    Also, due to the high number of leeches in this place, the chances of leech sticking while trekking is high. It takes about an hour to reach the foot of the waterfall from the village. As the surface near the waterfall is slippery, you have to be careful while walking from there.

    In the rainy season, you have to take care of yourself as there is a danger of wildlife in this place. Don’t try to get into the waterfalls.

falls in maharashtra

Where is Vajrai waterfall Located – 

    Vajrai Falls is located in Satara District of Maharashtra State, India. It is near the famous tourist destination Kas Pathar.

Nearest Cities –  Satara 60 Km, Pune 140 Km, Mumbai 300 Km, Kolhapur 150 Km.

How to Reach Vajrai Waterfall – 

    There is no direct route to this place as Vajrai waterfall is in the Sahyadri mountain range. Trekking is the only way to get closer to the waterfall. To get here, one has to come to Bhambavali first. The trek starts from Bhambavali village to reach the place of the waterfall. There are few facilities available to reach Bhambavali, so it is convenient to visit this place by own vehicle.

By Road – It is convenient to visit this place by own vehicle. To get to this place, one has to come to Kas first. There is a good road from Satara to Kas Village. Bhambavali village is 10 minutes away from Kas.

By Railway – The nearest railway station from here is at Satara. There are options to get here from Satara by bus or cab.

By Air – The nearest airport is Pune Airport, Pune. You have to come to Satara from Pune.

By Bus – Buses are available from Satara to Kas village.

highest waterfall in india

Best Time To Visit Vajrai Waterfall– 

    June to October is the best time to visit Vajrai waterfall. During this period, the waterfall is filled with water. At the same time, the beauty of the surroundings is also very attractive. The beauty of this place is further enhanced by the rainy weather. So the rainy season is the best time to visit this waterfall.

tallest waterfall in india

Food & Accommodation – 

  Meals are available in Bhambavali village. Although there are no big hotels in the area, home-cooked meals are available in some places. Also, water and snacks are available in some stalls.
  There is no accommodation in this place. Accommodation may be available at some places in Kas village. However, it is convenient for distant tourists to stay in Satara.

highest waterfall in india

Things to Carry–

  1. First and foremost at least 2 litres of water per person.
  2.  Carry a quality raincoat and umbrella during the monsoon.
  3. Protection for photographic and electronic types of equipment.
  4.  Flashlight/torch.
  5. Good Quality Sports shoes or Trekking Shoes. 
  6. some healthy non-perishable snacks.
  7. Carry mosquito repellents (Odomos).
  8. Carry salt or tobacco to get rid of leeches.
  9. Last but not least, have a medical kit with you.
satara waterfalls

Some useful tips before you visit Vajrai Waterfall –

  1.  First and foremost wear excellent quality trekking shoes or sports shoes.
  2. Shoes should be of a good grip and waterproof.
  3. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  4. Avoid wearing jewellery and also taking any valuables.
  5. Do not litter in the trek’s route.
  6. Avoid eating Non-Veg food nearby Waterfall.
  7. Avoid carrying too much weight with you, such as heavy Backpacks.
  8. Do not throw plastic bottles or other garbage elsewhere.
  9. Avoid going near waterfalls in heavy rainfall.
vajrai waterfall

Nearby Places to Visit –

Kas Pathar –  

    The Kas Pathar is a hotspot for biodiversity. Kas Pathar is famous for its variety of flowers and butterflies that bloom from August to October. The Kaas plateau is home to 280 species of flowers. There are 850 species of plant vines, shrubs, and other species. There are also many rare species. About 59 species of reptiles are found on the Kas Pathar. The kas plateau is at a distance of 5-7 km from Vajrai in route of Vajrai waterfall.

kas pathar

Mahabaleshwar –

      Mahabaleshwar is a Hill Station and tourist destination in the Satara district, which is visited by tourists throughout the year. It is situated in the range of the Western Ghats, are a place of cool air and scenic beauty. Mahabaleshwar, the best hill station since British times, is still famous today. The distance from Vajrai waterfall to Mahabaleshwar is less than 50.


Urmodi Dam –

    Urmodi dam is 40 km away from Vajrai.

Thoseghar Waterfall –

   Thoseghar Waterfall is 50 Km away from Vajrai.

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