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      Vasota is a fort located in a dense sanctuary in the valley of Koyna. Vasota Fort is known as ‘Vyaghragad’. The fort is located in the catchment area of Koyna Dam, making it Inaccessible and rich in wildlife. The main range of the Sahyadri is spread from south to north. The line of Dategada, which runs parallel to this line, is at Ghatmatha. The river Koyna flows through these two lines from Mahabaleshwar to Dategada.

     A dam has been built at Helwak on the Koyna river flowing through this Jawali valley. This reservoir is called Shivsagar. The water of this Shivsagar touches the base of Vasota fort. The water of Shivsagar has spread to Tapola. The average height of the fort is 4267 feet. This fort falls into this type of forest fort.

Fort Type – Forest Fort              Height –   4267 Feet

Difficulty Level – Medium

Dist – Satara

vasota fort
boating on vasota

Overview – 

    Vasota fort is situated in a dense forest so you can experience the beauty of nature in all seasons. This fort is a great option for trekking. The climbing range is moderate to difficult. Vyaghragad is another apt name for the fort. Vasota Fort is a favorite fort of many pilgrims. This fort is a unique fort in the Jawali forest. Along with Vasota Havandurga, there is also Giridurga. Hence it is called ‘Misradurga’.

     The forest department has set up a reception hall after walking a short distance after starting to climb the fort. There is a permanent exhibition of photographs of animals and plants from the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve. There you and your water bottles, plastic bags are recorded, and accordingly, you are allowed to go to the fort after paying a deposit of Rs. 10 / – for each item. The deposit is refunded on the return of all items taken from the trek. The forest department has launched this innovative scheme to reduce plastic waste in the forest. This prevents any accumulation of garbage on the fort.


Vasota Fort History – 

     Vasota fort was built by the Shilahar kings on Vasota hill. It is mentioned that the original construction of this fort was done by the second Bhojaraja of the Shilahar dynasty. There is a legend behind the name Vasota in history that the mountain on which Vasota is located. Vashishta Rishi’s disciple lived there and he named this mountain after his guru, Vashishta Rishi, Vashishta. Later, the name was changed to Vasota.

     In the time of Shivaji Maharaj, this fort was used as a prison. The reason for this, of course, is the desolate and dense forest here. Shivaji Maharaj named this fort Vyaghragad. Shivaji Maharaj took many forts in the vicinity after conquering Jawali but did not take Vasota as it was a little far away. Later, when Shivaji Maharaj was stuck at Panhalgad, he captured Vasota fort on 6th June 1660 by sending infantry from Mavla under his command.

History of Vasota

      After Afzal Khan’s assassination, Shivaji Maharaj’s Doroji attacked Rajapura and asked the British for the address of Afzal Khan’s ships. As he did not say so, the British arrested an officer named Grifford and put him on bail. Among the English prisoners captured in 1661 were Revington, Farron, and Samuel. Later in 1679, Rs. 26,000 was found at Vasota fort.

     The fort was later captured by Tai Telini in 1706. The following year, Peshwa commander Bapu Gokhale fought a battle with Tai Telini. After eight months of fierce fighting, Tai Telini was defeated and in 1730, Vasota fort fell to Bapu Gokhale.

vasota fort

What to See – 

After climbing about three-fourths of the hill, the traveler reaches the ridge from the four corners. and after climbing this ridge in a very narrow way, the oval head of the fort comes into view. on the fort, there is a flat area of six hectares.

what to see on vasota fort

     There is a small moon temple built of yellow stone and two tanks of clean water. To the west of the fort, the edge named Tai Telini is famous which is 457 m tall. It is like a tall long wall. Prisoners who had been sentenced to death in the past were exiled from there. A cone to the north of the head extends as far as the trunk. This is the machi of the fort. It is called the Thane of Darkness. there has a cave in her stomach.

hanuman idol on vasota

     There is a Shivling called Nageshwar in the cave on which water seeps through the roof of the cave. There is a beautiful idol of Shiva Parvati in that place. Recently, researchers have found traces of some 12th-century artifacts, especially bathrooms and pantries, as well as some 16th-century tools.

what to see

Where is Vasota Fort located? –

Vasota Fort is located in the Satara District of Maharashtra state, India. It located in a dense sanctuary in the valley of Koyna.

Nearest Cities – Chiplun 35 Km, Satara 45 Km, Karad 90 Km, Pune 160 Km, Mumbai 300 Km.

How to reach Vasota Fort – 

There are two major routes to reach Vasota. One passes through Konkan and the other through Ghatmatha.

Konkan Route – There is a route from Chiplun in Konkan to the village of Chorwane in the western foothills of Vasota. and there are State Transport Board (STB) trains on this route. From Chorwane, one can come to Vasota from the cone of Nageshwar.

how to reach


     Satara-Kas-Bamnoli is a highway. There are buses. Bamnoli is a village on the east bank of Shivsagar Reservoir. From here you have to cross Shivsagar to reach Vasota. For this, crafts are available in Bamnoli. From here, Vasota can be reached with the permission of the Forest Department.

After a journey of about 40 to 50 minutes from the craft, we reach Vasota. This period varies depending on the water level. Near the foothills was a village called Met Indwali. It has risen long ago. His remains are still visible.

     Adjacent to these ruins is a steep path to the fort. After walking some distance along this path we reach the foothills. There is an idol of Maruti at the foot of the stream. From here the ascent of the fort and the forest begins.

how to reach vasota

Food & Accommodation – 

     Vasota Fort is situated in a dense forest. Therefore, there is no food or water facility on the fort, so it is necessary to have water and food with you before going to the fort. Water can also be provided from the stream at the foot of the fort.

    Vasota – Nageshwar is not allowed to stay overnight as both the places are in Koyna Sanctuary. However, in case of an emergency, you can stay at the following places.
Vasota is not allowed to stay, but to stay in an emergency
1) Mahadev’s temple at Vasota can accommodate 2 to 3 people.
2) You can also live on the plateau adjacent to the adjoining tanks on Vasota.
3) Nageshwar Cave is a great place to stay. It can comfortably accommodate 20 to 25 people.


Things To Carry On Vasota Trek – 

  1. Carry at least 2-3 liters of water per person.
  2. Carry mosquito repellents (Odomos).
  3. a jacket, raincoat, and umbrella if you are going to the monsoon.
  4. a flashlight/torch.
  5. water bottles and some healthy non-perishable snacks.
  6. your identity proof 
  7. Last but not least have a medical kit with you.
tips before visit vasota

Tips before You Visit Vasota Fort – 

  1. First and foremost wear good quality trekking shoes or sports shoes.
  2. Shoes should be of a good grip and waterproof.
  3. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  4. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  5. Avoid wearing jewelry and also taking any valuables.
  6. Do not litter on the fort or in the trek’s route.

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