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    Vijaydurg is a Jaldurg fort located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. The fort is situated on a 30-meter high rock. Spread over an area of ​​about 17 acres, this fort has 3 ramparts. Vijaydurg Fort was known as Gheria. This fort has historical significance as well as its fortifications. In the past, this fort was very important. That is why the British tried hard to capture this fort.

   Vijaydurg Fort is situated at the mouth of the Vaghotan river. This fort is the largest of the forts located on the beach. Enemy ships could not get close to the fort due to the shallow creek that surrounded it. Therefore, this fort is considered very difficult to conquer. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj conquered this fort in 1653. At the same time, Shivaji Maharaj named this fort Vijaydurg.

Fort Type – Jaldurg Fort             

Difficulty Level – Easy                                                  Dist – SIndhudurg

vijaydurg fort
vijaydurg fort

    Recognizing the importance of this fort, Shivaji Maharaj developed this fort. Shivaji Maharaj had built an invisible rampart (underwater) in the sea during the construction of this fort. So that enemy ships can be sunk by hitting this rampart. The British ships had sunk after hitting the same ramparts. The fort also has a 200-meter long tunnel for emergency evacuation.


Vijaydurg Fort History – 

    The ancient history of this fort is not clear. The fort is said to have been built by Shilahars. Later this fort belonged to Adilshah of Bijapur. Shivaji Maharaj conquered this fort in 1653. It was Shivaji Maharaj who developed this fort and increased the importance of this fort.

   Shivaji Maharaj chose this place as a place of armor to keep an eye on Siddhi, British and Portuguese. During the reign of Rajaram Maharaj, Kanhoji Angre made this fort his main station. Angre built a dockyard here and started a shipbuilding factory here. After the death of Kanhoji Angre, a dispute arose between his sons Manaji and Tulaji for possession of the fort.

fort vijaydurg

    Nanasaheb Peshwa intervened in the dispute between the two. And Manaji got the territory of Colaba in the north, and Tulaji got the fort of Vijaydurg in the south. Tulaji Angre was favored by Chhatrapati Shahu and declared as Admiral of the Maratha Navy. All this was against the will of Nanasaheb Peshwa.

   Tulaji was braver and more skillful than Manaji, which is why Shahu Maharaj declared him as Admiral. Nanasaheb was angry with Tulaji for refusing to consider Peshwa superior. He also refused to contribute to the revenue. As long as Shahu Maharaj was alive, the Peshwa could do nothing.

   But after the death of Shahu Maharaj, Nanasaheb was free to take revenge. Nanasaheb defeated Tulaji with the help of the British and captured Vijaydurg. In 1818, the British captured the fort.

history of vijaydurg fort
vijaydurg fort information in marathi

What to see –

    Vijaydurg fort has a lot of architectural significance. This fort has 3 ramparts. There is also another rampart 300 feet above sea level which is completely under water. So that the enemy ships would hit the ramparts and sink. The fort also has a 200-meter long tunnel for emergency evacuation. It also has a roof to protect the tunnel, and the tunnel is well ventilated.

    The fort is spread over about 17 acres. This fort has 27 bastions and the walls of this fort are very high. There is a large freshwater tank on this fort. This tank was used for drinking water. Old cannon balls are kept inside the fort. Even today you can see cannonballs on the walls of the fort. It takes 2-3 hours to see this fort.

what to see
fort near kolhapur

Where is Vijaydurg Fort Located – 

    Vijaydurg Fort is located in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra State, India. This fort is at a distance of 420 km from Mumbai.
Nearest cities – Kankavali- 75 km, Ratnagiri -100 km, Mumbai – 420km, Panji 190 km.

How to reach Vijaydurg Fort –

Vijaydurg is close to the Mumbai-Goa highway and is easily accessible.

By Railways – The nearest railway station is Rajapur Road. This railway station is at a distance of 65 km from Vijaydurg. Also, Kankavali railway station is at a distance of 75 km. Because Kankavali railway station is a big railway station, almost all the trains take a halt at this place. It is convenient to reach Vijaydurg via Kankavli, as there are many modes of transport available from the Kankavali railway station.

By Road – Vijaydurg is close to the Mumbai-Goa highway route, so it is easy to get here. Regular buses of State Transport are available to get here. There is a road from Talere village on the Mumbai-Goa National Highway to reach this place. This place is about 55 km away from Talere village, so it is easy to get here by own vehicle.

vijaydurg fort ap

Nearby Places to Visit –

•Sindhudurg Fort –

    Sindhudurg Fort is a Jaldurg type fort built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This fort is spread over an area of 48 acres and its ramparts are 3 km long. This fort was very important in the armory of Shivaji Maharaj. There are two freshwater wells on the fort. On the fort, there is a temple of Shivaji Maharaj in the form of Lord Shiva. Rajaram Maharaj has established this temple. It took 3 years to build this fort. This fort has completed 350 years and its glory is still the same. Sindhudurg Fort is one of the most popular forts in Maharashtra. Sindhudurg Fort is at a distance of 75 km from Vijaydurg.

sindhudurg fort

Kunkeshwar – 

    This place is close to Vijaydurg, and Kunkeshwar has an exquisite beach. Shri Kunkeshwar is a Shiva temple in this place. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj renovated this temple. Kunkeshwar is also known as Dakshin Kashi. Near Kunkeshwar Temple, there is a clean, beautiful, and less crowded beach. Every year on Mahashivaratri there is a 3-day yatra here. During the pilgrimage, a large crowd of devotees can be seen here. Kunkeshwar is at a distance of 35 km from Vijaydurg.


Devgad –

    Devgad is famous for Alphonso (Hapus) Mango. It has long been known as a safe and ancient port. Devgad enjoys the protection of the sea. As there are mountains on 3 sides of Devgad port, high waves do not form in the sea here. Devgad Fort is divided into 2 parts Balekilla on the hill and the part of the fort adjacent to the sea. It also has a beautiful beach. Devgad is just 30 km from Vijaydurg Fort.


Pawas –

    Devotees have strong faith in Swami Swaroopanand at Shri Kshetra Pawas. Pavas, 80 km from Vijaydurg, is his birthplace. Swami Swaroopanand, a true worshiper of God, had taken part in the

 by calling for non-cooperation against the British.

Swamiji’s daily use of items, his bibliography, is preserved here. Every afternoon there is Mahaprasad of Khichdi in the temple. Devotee accommodation is available in the temple premises.


Ganpatipule –

    Ratnagiri district blessed by God! Many pilgrimage sites like Ganpatipule, Kasba, Adivare, Pawas, Marleshwar can be seen in this district. This district is a prosperous district on all sides, from nature to the people, everything applies to us. About 120 km from Vijaydurg.

Ganpatipule is a temple of Lord Ganesha at a distance, and devotees say that this temple has been around for about 400 years. As this temple of Swayambhu Ganesha is a place of peace of mind and scenic area, a large crowd of tourists and devotees can always be seen here.
The beach and the temple are very close, and after leaving the temple we reach the beach directly. The temple is self-contained and if you want to go around this temple; you have to go around the entire mountain. The distance is about 1 km. The sea, the greenery, the coconut groves make the mind happy.
Accommodation is also available from MTDC, direct buses are available from Nashik, Kolhapur, Mumbai and Pune, Ratnagiri can be reached by train and from there to Ganpatipulya. Kinara, Jaigad Fort is also close to the tourist spots.


Best time to visit Vijaydurg Fort – 

    The fort is open all year round so tourists can visit it at any time. There is an entry fee of Rs. 5 to enter this fort. Avoid visiting this place during this month as the rainfall is very high during the period from June to September. But during this period, the beauty of Konkan reaches its peak.

vijaydurg fort images

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