Visapur Fort-The fort that lived the Maratha history
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      Visapur Fort is located near Visapur village of Maharashtra, India. It was built as a twin fort to Lohagad fort but the only difference is that Visapur fort is at slight higher height (3556 feet) than the Lohagad fort. Lohagad fort is built at the vicinity of 10 km distance.

    Lohagad was built earlier than Visapur fort. Visapur fort was built by Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa to Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. It is said that it was in use between 1713-1818. Fort was built with the help of stones.

    We can say that even though they used stones to construct these forts but then also they proved to be most trustworthy and strong enough too!

   This fort has Hanuman carvings that show the patron deity of the empire at that era. But unfortunately, demolished in 1818. At those times these forts and nearby villages invaded by the enemies so as to extend their empire.

visapur fort trek
Visapur Fort

      India is mostly known for it’s a long history and moreover for various dynasties of Rajas and their reign. Forts are one of the symbols or we can say that are the proofs of the long history, their battles and the life at those times.
   Most of the forts demolished or have been deconstructed and reconstructed by various kings in their succeeding years during their reign. As now, it’s the government who is looking after these forts and conserving and protecting them.

   One such fort that has a long history and is been serving as a tourist spot

Visapur fort History –

           The Visapur fort was built with the purpose to protect the Lohagad fort. The Lohagad fort was ruled by various dynasties like Satavahanas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Yadavs, Bahmanis, Nizams, Mughals and Marathas.

      Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured The Lohagad fort in 1648AD. But soon as per the Treaty of Purandar he had to give it to the Mughals. But Shivaji Maharaj again recaptured it in 1665 AD. And afterwards, it was used to keep the treasury. For a long time, the Marathas ruled it.

      The Britishers attacked the Lohagad fort on 4th March 1800. It involved 800 native soldiers, 380 European soldiers, artillery from Chakan and two British battalions attacked this fort and took over the control.

      As the Visapoor fort is at a higher elevation than the Lohagad fort Britishers fixed the canons over the Visapoor fort to invade the Lohagad fort. Like this, both the forts were conquered under the assistance of Colonel Brother.

history of visapur fort


Where is Visapur fort located? –

            It is located in Pune district, Maharashtra state of India. It’s nearly 5-6 km away from Malavli station, which has a steep slope of over 3 km. It has an elevation of 1084 meters above sea level.

Nearest Cities –   Pune 60 Km, Mumbai 100 Km


What to see? –

      Inside the fort, you may see the caves, water cisterns, decorated arch and old houses. The ruins of large stone-built houses are none other than Peshwa’s Palace. It is that the Hanuman carvings are done much before the era by the local legends.

      India has a long mythological history and today also people have belief in those. In 1885 there was a 10 feet long gun and 4 inches bore marked with the Tudor Rose and Crown at the north wall of the fort on which it was engraved.

   E. R which tells that the gun belonged to Queen Elizabeth’s reign, probably taken as a bounty from an English ship and presented to Peshwa’s by Kanhoji Angre or some any other commander of the Maratha navy.

   Like any other gun, it has also disabled by breaking off its trunnion. Close to it are the remains of some old Mahadev shrine.


hanuman ji
Hanuman Carving

Best Time to Visit – 

         A perfect backdrop of waterfalls, fog, and magnificent landscapes of fresh air you get to see here in the rainy season. If you visit this place in the off-season, it will not give you that kick! But be careful because roads can be slippery in the rainy season which can put you in big trouble.

      Off-season may lead to having a great connection with nature as there is less rush. and you may be able to closely take a look over each and every minute detail of this fort. Even though it is not in great condition, it still depicts the royal histories of so many dynasties with their zest to conquer and nurture this place.

visapur fort stairs
stairs of Visapur Fort

How to reach Visapur fort – 

By Airways – Pune airport is closest to the village while you can opt for Mumbai airport.

By Railways- Railways prove to be the best option as the nearest Railway station in Malavli station which is well connected to the metro cities. From there, one can take the sharing auto or taxis to reach the base of the fort.

By Road – You can take your own car or bike over this place if you like to have long drives otherwise you may opt for local transport facilities too.

top view

Visapur fort Trek –

                       If you are a trekker, then surely this place is for you! Once in a life, you must take a look over this place. Even though the trek might be somewhat rocky but surely, you will enjoy it too.

      To begin with, you can opt for one of the following three routes to start off which are – Gaimukh khind, Bhaja Caves and Patan village. You can start the trek from Bhaja village, which is nearly 2-2.5 hrs away from the fort.

      This fort gives you a perfect view to showcase nature’s panorama of waterfalls and fog. One day trek to this place can be the best option.


Trek to Visapur fort

Things to carry for a trek –

1. Pair of shoes and clothes along with jacket/sweater for the evening.
2. Water bottles and some healthy non- perishable snacks.
3. Essential toiletries as there are no toilets over the trekking route.
4. Shoes should be of a good grip and waterproof.
5. Make sure you were full of clothes, which are comfortable for you.
6. Avoid wearing jewellery and also taking any valuables.
7. A pair of sunglasses, a raincoat and a cap is a must.
8. A travel torch is also important.
9. Last but not least have a medical kit with you.

visapur fort waterfall

Nearest Hotels –

Kino Lakeside Chalet – 3.5 km
Aquilla Villa- 9.65 km
DATA Resort by Della Adventure- 14.11 km
Tungi Lake Pavna-5.91 km
Della Adventure Resorts- 12.63 km.

visapur fort gun

What to Eat –

      Here you can only opt for Maharashtrian food like Misal, Poha, Vada pav, Tea and Coffee from Bhaja village.

Why visit Visapur fort? –

                  Apart from glorifying Maratha history, if you are a nature lover and love to explore it then surely you can visit this place. Because it allows you to go to the top of the fort from where you can explore the pristine clouds and refreshing air. From the top, you are able to see the village top view lush green forest and waterfalls too.

Top View

top view

Places to visit near Visapur fort –

Tikona fort
Lohagad fort
Tung Fort
Pawna Lake
Karla caves
Aamby Valley City


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